For sale, for the first time

Well guys, I’m proud to say that “Freya” is now up for sale on Amazon and is available for your Kindle, iOs, or Android device thanks to the publishing side of Intelligence Tapped, Inc. Many of you have had the chance to read it (or have been forced to read it), and I hope that you enjoyed it. “Freya” itself will be taken down from WordPress, but I hope to replace it with some more previewed material soon.

Actually, new material is something I want to mention here.

Several of the people that read “Freya” have asked when the next story will be out. My only response at the moment is a vague “soon.” I have a fantasy project I’m working on at the moment–Soulless, which is currently about 20% complete in its rough draft state. I’m excited about the progress that tale has made recently, but I know it’s going to be a longer work than I’m used to and will try to add more to my zombie-ridden world.

The followup to “Freya” I have planned will not be a direct sequel. Rather, I’m looking at “Siren,” a story following another character–Lana–through the crumbling remains of America. Where “Freya” gives a sweeping view of Sandra’s past since the Fall, “Siren” will look at Lana as a Historian–keeping soldiers in the field entertained with stories, songs, and humor. That is, until she does her job too well.

This zombie series will have five parts, with each one focusing on the roles mentioned at the end of “Freya”: Valkyrie, Historian, Soldier, Medic, and Farmer. Valkyrie is done, Historian is upcoming, and I have stories in mind for Soldier and Medic. Farmer I haven’t really thought of yet, but it’s definitely on the agenda.

In the meantime, I may put up a chapter or two of Soulless as I get them edited (no, the prose of the rough draft would not win me any Hugo Awards). I’ll put them up as I’m able, but for the moment I’m focusing on finishing the rough draft instead of fixing what’s broken. There’s time for that later, and I want to make it pay off.

If you’re interested in buying “Freya” from for $0.99, you can do so here.


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I'm a writer and feel like it's finally time to get my stuff out there. I'll try to learn how to keep you guys entertained. Hope you enjoy!
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