Siren, Free to read for a while

I know a lot of you guys have been waiting patiently for the third story in my zombie series (which I’m now calling “Ereptor” unless I think of something else before it’s all finished, but I like the title so far), so I thought I’d leave something here for you. While I’m working on the finishing touches for “Coward,” I’ll leave “Siren” up free to read for the next week or so. If you want to purchase it for Kindle, it’s still for sale  in the Amazon store for $0.99; if not, you can enjoy it for free.

I still have the extended “Freya” preview up as well, along with the first five chapters of my in-progress novel, Soulless. I’ll appreciate any feedback you have to offer! Hope you enjoy!

Check out “Siren” here.


About Brad

I'm a writer and feel like it's finally time to get my stuff out there. I'll try to learn how to keep you guys entertained. Hope you enjoy!
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