Coward, now on Amazon

After a delay (i.e. editing took longer than I expected), “Coward” is finally for sale on Amazon for $0.99! Coward is the third installment of the ongoing Ereptor zombie fiction series, introducing the Soldier character, with Freya serving as Valkyrie and Siren as Historian. This story follows Dean, a Soldier who watched his wife die in a zombie attack seven years earlier during the Fall. Years have taken their toll on the Soldier’s mind, burdening him with grief as he fights, finding that slaughtering zombies will not silence his wife’s dying screams. Each slash and thrust of his blade pulls him backwards in time, forcing him to relive the horrors of the Fall. Though his mind crumbles through flashbacks, determination presses him ever forward.

Seven years later, zombies behave abnormally as Dean and other Soldiers approach the Drayton settlement on a supply drop. Grouped with Siren, fellow Soldier Shooter, and former Valkyrie Patience, Dean seeks to find how severe the new threat may be and why they behave differently. Time slips away as the undead approach the new city, and Dean can only pray that his mind will not completely fracture as he searches for answers.

That’s the basic introduction.

I really enjoyed writing this story and getting to know the characters. Siren’s presence in the story honestly came as a surprise, and I found Patience to be one of my favorite characters in the series, though little of her story is showcased in Coward. Expect to see more of her in the future.

Dean himself was interesting to write. I found that I admired his single-minded determination and loved his motivations. He’s self-loathing to a fault at times and is suspicious of others’ involvement in his mental state, but he sometimes fails to see that they genuinely do care for him. Dean is an excellent fighter and knows it, but he is prone to fits of rage while facing zombies and sometimes blanks out from himself in very dangerous ways.

Not to mention that this story did give me the chance to introduce the shockblade technology I alluded to earlier.

As with the other two stories in the series, “Coward” can be read in whatever order you like. Although I do tie the stories together in small ways, this one should be able to stand on its own if you want.

Now that Coward is edited and completed, I’m looking for my next step. At this point, I’m torn between finishing the Soulless novel or progressing on to the next story in the Ereptor series. I have the basics of the fourth story in my mind, and will say that it will showcase Jergen, the Medic from the combat team in the Siren story. “Jergen” will have an early cameo from Freya and will take a deeper look into Patience. The fifth story–the Farmer story–will reintroduce Tim, the warm-hearted man who looked out for Freya as the group of survivors traveled from the midwest to Atlanta. I honestly know little about Tim’s story at this time, but it will come to me, and I’m excited for that.

I also now know how the Ereptor saga will end, and I promise I will provide as epic of a scope as I’m able.

If you want to purchase “Coward,” you may do so here! Lending is enabled, and you’re free to download the preview if you would like to test the waters first. “Coward” is also available DRM-free.

Thanks so much for sticking with me, and I hope you enjoy my work.


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I'm a writer and feel like it's finally time to get my stuff out there. I'll try to learn how to keep you guys entertained. Hope you enjoy!
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