Looking to the future

There’s always a strange balance to find between posting enough to keep you guys notified of what I’m doing and posting so much that I worry I’ll annoy you. I feel like I should at least adopt a more regular schedule, but we’ll see how that goes.

Anyway, the point is, I was scrolling the Reddit a few days ago and saw where someone on r/writing posted some self-imposed deadlines. I thought about that and how, at the beginning of the year, I posted a publication schedule that I did not stick to. Now I’m at a point where I’m not sure if I let myself down or if I set unrealistic goals. 

Okay, maybe the goals weren’t so unrealistic, but I forgot to factor in the inevitable self-doubt (don’t worry, I’m learning to suppress that!). 

So! Let’s talk new goals.

August – Soulless

Soulless is very nearly done. The most recent word count is in the 93000 range, which is 386 pages by my word processor’s count. It’s ramping up towards a climax, and the whole story is ready to come crashing down into a conclusion. I’ve spent over a year with these characters, and I’m interested to see how Caru and company will overcome a crisis that will forever change the face of their world. These people are so intent on what they’re doing now–rightfully so–and I want to see if the story ends the way I always thought it would. If nothing else, I’m so very happy that I’ve been given the opportunity to tell this tale. I think you guys are going to like it.

September/October – Massive editing

The goal with Soulless now is to finish the draft by my 30th birthday, which will be on August 20th. Should I ever have kids, I want to tell them that one of the proudest moments in my life was finishing a book by the time I was 30. Finished will of course be a loose term, as I’ll most likely end with a 115000 word, 425 page novel, all of which is unedited. 

As some of you know, I spent too much time editing “Coward” as it was, but I want to get Soulless done and ready to go as soon as I can. I’ll shop it around with different agents for a while, but you may see Soulless self-published on Amazon alongside my Ereptor series near the beginning of 2013. We’ll see where that goes, but I would like to see this on bookshelves if anyone is willing to pick it up. Fingers crossed!

November – NaNoWriMo/Finishing the Ereptor series

As many of you know, November is National Novel Writing Month, where the goal is to write 50000 words in 30 days. It doesn’t sound like too much of a problem, but I did fail rather spectacularly last year, so… The point is, I want to do better this year. “Coward” ended at around 23500 words, and I think “Jergen” and “Tim” should end at around the same point. Maybe the point of NaNoWriMo is to put 50000 words into one story, but I hope you guys will forgive me there.

With “Jergen” filling the Medic role and “Tim” filling the Farmer, the 5-part Ereptor series will be complete. I have general ideas for both stories, and I’m eager to see what happens. And, yes, for those fans of the first three stories, this will be the same Dr. Jergen from Siren’s initial trip through Drayton, and the same Tim who still serves as Freya’s father figure and mentor. Even thinking about it now, I can’t wait to see how they will interact with each other later. You’ll also see more of Patience, who, for reasons not yet revealed, may be my favorite character in the series.

Though the five-part Ereptor series will be completed, there will be more to the story. I’ve got general ideas for the conclusion (yes, a zombie story with a conclusion!), but that may still be a few years away. The thoughts I do have on the ending novel are huge, and now I’m hoping I’ll be a good enough writer to pull it off.

Don’t worry, I won’t let you down.

December – Editing the Ereptor series

Much like with Soulless, these two stories will need editing and should be on Amazon (maybe Smashwords too?) in January 2013. That’s the plan, and I’ll try my hardest to stick to it. I may bundle them together for $1.99 (Okay, maybe $1.98 would be more consistent), and the series will be bundled together as a whole shortly after.

January – New project: Beloved

Beloved is a story that takes place in the Ereptor world, but the character will not come into contact with anyone from the Atlanta settlers or surrounding areas. All the stories will revolve in some way around how different people react in generally the same situation, and Beloved may show the most extreme reaction of them all. If there is any interaction between Beloved and Ereptor, it will be very minimal. Beloved is sketchy in my head at the moment, but it’ll get there.

I think that will give me enough to do for a while. You guys will have to hold me liable to these goals, though! Keep on me and make sure I stick to my plans. I have stories I think you guys will love, and I’ll do the very best I can.

One more thing I wanted to say: I got an e-mail from Amazon this morning informing me that I’m about to be paid for stories sold in the Kindle store!


I know $10.15 may not be a fortune exactly, but it’s the first step of many towards achieving a lifelong goal. From the very bottom of my heart, I want to thank you all so much for your continued care and support. I have bigger plans in mind, and, as always, I hope you enjoy!



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