Characters, Stories, and Music That Inspired Me

A few days ago on Angela Scott’s blog, she asked what songs reminded her fellow writers of their own characters. Those of you who follow me on Facebook and Twitter will see me posting these songs from time to time, but I thought I would answer Angela’s question here. This will give you guys (and myself!) a place to see these tracks together, and hopefully I’ll stop cramming your feeds with them.

I guess the first one to bring up is Freya. She’s the character that’s been out there the longest now, and I think she’s still the favorite among most of my readers (or at least she’s the one I’m asked about the most). I heard A Perfect Circle’s “The Outsider” at some point while writing her story, and the song always stuck in my mind as hers. It has since been used in Resident Evil: Afterlife, so I guess someone else out there associated the story with zombie slaying.

Next up is Siren. Of course “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” comes to mind, but that was Thief’s song more than anyone else’s in the story. When Siren first started development, I always held her in my mind as an acoustic performer, someone lighthearted and always with a pen and paper handy to scribble down lyrics in her downtime. Once the Ereptor series is done, the novel sequel will most likely open with her lyrics during the Atlanta performance. At any rate, Siren always had a Jenny Owen Youngs feel to me.

Coward’s Dean held a grisly determination throughout the story, forever haunted by a moment of fear and panic. Giving himself over to vengeance against the zombie horde, he spent years pouring his being into his blade. If he stops fighting, he starts thinking, and you know what kind of toll that takes on his well being. Dean reminded me of Bush.

Even though Patience was only a supporting character in Coward, she is one of the most important characters in the series (you’ll find out why soon). I think her story is my favorite of all the characters, even if there are no plans to give her a perspective story before Ereptor ends. She will have a lot of work to do in the follow-up though! She knows more about Ereptor zombies than any other character, but she’s afraid she’ll seem insane if she speaks up. People are wary of Valkyrie madness, after all.

Coward as a story had a track of its own. When I write, I do like to have music playing, but lyrics are distracting. AvidyaZen of Minecraft fame turned me on to the music of Esbe, and Esbe always helps me clear my mind when I’m getting stories out of my head. “Behind Closed Eyes” has a spectral and paranoid feel to it, and I liked that the characters in Coward all had fearful thoughts rampaging through their minds on that rainy Alabama day and never told each other what they were feeling.

On to Soulless! Other than the first five chapters, I don’t have much of Soullesavailable yet, but I’ll share some music anyway. I think people associate Metric’s “Help I’m Alive” with zombie scenarios than fantasy, but the song helped in the story’s early development. I can’t really say how, but listening to it always gave me scene flashes. Is that normal?

When thinking of how best to answer Angela’s question, I couldn’t pinpoint a specific song that summed up how I felt about Caru or Mieta. Whenever I think of them together though, Lindsey Stirling always come to mind, especially with her violin-dubstep experiment, which I hope to hear more of soon.

Kimke was different as well, a character willing to accept others at the beginning but quickly struck down with grief in the face of an unyielding situation.

I always feel guilty about the song that reminds me of Blood-Emperor Theop since it actually is a dubstep remix of Nobuo Uematsu’s  “One-Winged Angel” for Final Fantasy VII‘s Sephiroth. Supremely powerful and as eager to use technology as he is magic, Theop is determined to forever root humanity in independence of any outside factors. And, yes, it’s a revisit to Obsidia and dubstep. What? I don’t hate dubstep. Veni veni venias! Ne me mori facias!

Upcoming story! The plan is for Beloved to begin next year, which will take place in the same world as Ereptor, even if none of the characters cross paths.

Shivaree’s cover of Gary Glitter’s “Hello, I’m Back Again.”

And another Jenny Owen Youngs:

Okay, I think that’s it for now! Hope you enjoyed the music, and maybe it will make the reading experience better for you in some way. As always, thanks for reading, and I hope to have new material for you guys very soon. Now to hope all those videos formatted properly.


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2 Responses to Characters, Stories, and Music That Inspired Me

  1. Angela Scott says:

    Awesome! I hadn’t heard of any of these songs before, though I think I’ve seen the dancing girl with the violin before somewhere (can’t remember where, but she seems familiar). Jenny Owens is great. I’m going to go check out more about her when I’m done here. I get a GREAT sense from these songs as to what your story and characters are all about. Well done. I’m actually quite intrigued with your character based on the song Masquerade–there’s something creepy and yet very interesting about her.

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