My name is Brad Sewell and I’m an author just starting out. This blog for now contains updates about my writing (thoughts, ideas, that sort of thing), but also holds links to writing examples and, soon, some serial fiction. To summarize other blog posts for you, I’m currently working on a 5-part zombie apocalypse series (loosely-connected stories that should tie in together soon). The first two stories in that series are named “Freya” and “Siren,” and are written in such a way that you can read one without the other if you so wish (but should provide a deeper look into that world if you read them all!). Also in the works is a fantasy novel, Soulless, that is rapidly nearing completion. I’m looking for feedback and remain open to suggestions!

If you’re interested in my writing, you can check out my author profile on Amazon by clicking here. I hope you enjoy!

If you’re Australian and confused, you’re probably looking for this guy. I myself am awful at most sports. If you’re Australian and looking for zombies and fantasy tales, welcome aboard.




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